Thursday, February 3, 2011

Americana Technique

Decent technique from a seemingly unlikely source, There are actually good amounts of grappling and striking techniques from different writers, you may need to do a little sifting but there are some jewels of learning available. Take the Americana, I found good articles here, and here, and a video here. This technique, also referred to as the paintbrush, due to the wrist flexing resembling a paintbrush painting the mat, is one of my personal favorite submissions. It’s very important to keep the arm you are attacking at a right angle, otherwise the submission is nearly impossible to execute.

**Technique update**
In this post I stated my position that an Americana must be at a right angle, however in the past year, and in training with different grapplers it has come to my attention I was incorrect. While the arm of the opponent must be held at least at a right angle, a greater angle affords more leverage and therefore increases the pressure on the affected joints, thereby strengthening the technique.