Thursday, May 8, 2014

Anderson Silva Says “Estou voltando” (“I’m coming back”)

After Anderson Silva broke his leg in a December 2013 rematch against champion Chris Weidman speculation ran rampant that it would signal the end of his career.  And it wasn't just empty talk, Silva has been fighting professionally since 1997, with over 15 years of experience there was talk of Silva retiring prior to his first with Weidman in July 2013.  Speculation circulated that after so many title defenses Silva had lost his drive to win, some even claimed that he had become bored with the UFC.  The Roy Jones Jr. boxing match that Silva had been putting out into the media only fueled the sentiment.  Then in December when Silva again stepped into the ring with Weidman, fans and annalists alike were shocked when Silva lost for the second time in his UFC career, but this time by a devastating injury.  The video quickly went viral, but as sensational  as the break was, it isn't a career killer, the recovery for this type of injury is actually shorter than it would be for an ACL tear for example.  I personally though Silva would choose to retire after simply because he no longer needed to prove anything, he doesn't need the money, I assumed he would transition to training fighters (read winners) to fight.  But based on recent interviews and videos Anderson has posted, he plans on returning in 2015.  UFC President Dana White however predicted a possible early return on UFC Tonight, it remains to be seen how and where Anderson will choose to return.