Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Nogi Guard Arm Drag to Pendulum Sweep

Grappling application of the armdrag, pendulum sweep from closed guard.  As stated in the video there are several other options once you successfully armdrag and trap the arm.  

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mixed Martial Arts in Television: Volume 1

Criminal Minds - The Bittersweet Science

Be His Father (Season 7, Episode 10) 

This clip is a few years old, but is in my opinion is representative of a current leaning in television to base a plot around something that has recently risen in popularity, in our case Mixed Martial Arts competition, but without doing adequate research.  The result is a product that is enough to get the attention of casual viewers and fight fans alike.  However, the lack of basic research can destroy the credibility of the plot line, thus bringing viewers with any knowledge of the subject matter out of the story.  Most of which could be easily alleviated with a simple internet search, or consulting with an authority on the subject. The one thing that Criminal Minds gets right from a mixed martial artist's perspective is the attitude of the boxing community toward the mixed martial arts.  Where they fail, as is typical, is in the actual portrayal of the competition.  The fans are crowded up to the cage, which looks more like chain link than an MMA cage, there's no referee rules prior to the fight, and the referee even halts the fight for no apparent reason after a knockdown.  After the downed fighter returning to his feet, instead of restarting the action the ref allows him to wander around the cage looking for his 'son' until he decides to continue fighting.  Even if you could suspend your disbelief this long, moments after stopping the action for a knockdown the same referee ignores nearly half a minute of ground and pound with no intelligent defense.  

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Draculino BJJ - Arm Drag

Armdrag to back-take, from an open / butterfly or even broken butterfly guard.  Don't let the fact they're training gi put you off this technique is very mixed martial arts competition / nogi competition applicable.  The basic armdrag technique is essentially the same as standing except that the angle must be obtained by other means than footwork as shown in this technique one option is to post the hand and use a head trap to gain the proper angle to control the opponent's posture and in this case take the back.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Greco-Roman Arm Drag Basics for BJJ

Breaking into another very useful technique for mma, the armdrag! great technique with several different applications for mma.  We'll start with one of the more obvious ones: an armdrag to takedown, with variations for if the opponent countergrabs. Don't forget to like the op

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mark Schultz Drag Trip

Takedown variation - 1. a sweet trip, bad news is it'll land you in half guard or maybe even full guard depending on the opponent,  2. Mark goes over the single leg option.  As with all armdrag techniques the angle is the key, the proper angle gives a better mechanical advantage in order to complete the technique. As with all wrestling proper posture is necessary for effective an armdrag.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Arm Drag Series: CACC Catch As Catch Can

Technique: Catch wrestling armdrag, good perspective on initiating the armdrag, how to feint a takedown to obtain wrist control etc.  Also digs into the science of leverage and training decision points.  All good information encapsulated in a short video.   Did I forget to mention the start of a new section on technique, focussing on the armdrag?

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Double Leg Takedown - Review (Updated UFC 188)

Finally I have time to review our section on double leg takedowns!  As with our single leg study, and possibly wrestling technique at large, we've learned that posture is extremely important when it comes to effective takedowns.  When attempting a double leg we've learned that it can be compared to a jab in striking, where it's not always a finish necessarily, but sometimes more of a set-up to create openings for other techniques.  In addition shutting down the takedown is analogous to single leg defense. Breaking the posture is essential to avoiding the takedown, but also understanding the posture can help you counter the takedown effectively.  Hopefully, we've added some weapons to your arsenal that you weren't aware of. 

Edit: Anyone who saw UFC 188 Velasquez vs Werdum, you know that Werdum countered a double leg takedown with a standard guillotine choke.  It's clear from the highlights that both fighters were getting gassed at this point but look at the posture of Cain as he initiates the takedown.  Although he effectively initiates the takedown and finishes on top, his head posture leaves him vulnerable to an deep guillotine. Video is below: The takedown / guillote is at about 3:09

UFC 188Cain Velasquez vs Fabricio Werdum
Posted by UFC Highlights on Sunday, June 14, 2015