Saturday, June 6, 2015

Double Leg Takedown - Review (Updated UFC 188)

Finally I have time to review our section on double leg takedowns!  As with our single leg study, and possibly wrestling technique at large, we've learned that posture is extremely important when it comes to effective takedowns.  When attempting a double leg we've learned that it can be compared to a jab in striking, where it's not always a finish necessarily, but sometimes more of a set-up to create openings for other techniques.  In addition shutting down the takedown is analogous to single leg defense. Breaking the posture is essential to avoiding the takedown, but also understanding the posture can help you counter the takedown effectively.  Hopefully, we've added some weapons to your arsenal that you weren't aware of. 

Edit: Anyone who saw UFC 188 Velasquez vs Werdum, you know that Werdum countered a double leg takedown with a standard guillotine choke.  It's clear from the highlights that both fighters were getting gassed at this point but look at the posture of Cain as he initiates the takedown.  Although he effectively initiates the takedown and finishes on top, his head posture leaves him vulnerable to an deep guillotine. Video is below: The takedown / guillote is at about 3:09

UFC 188Cain Velasquez vs Fabricio Werdum
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